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Philatelic Terms: A - B

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Common Terms And Abbreviations In Philately

The Terms Of The Trade
ADVERTISING COVER: A cover with a design which promotes or advertises the product or services of an agency or company

Advertising Cover

AEROGRAMME: A sheet of airmail stationery with pre-paid postage fee designed to carry a written message and which is folded to form its own envelope
AEROPHILATELY: A specialized field in stamp collecting that deals with air mail stamps and covers
AUCTION: A public sale of philatelic items in which lots are sold through bidding
BACKSTAMP: The official postmark applied to the back of the mail upon arrival in its place of destination
BISECT: A stamp cut in half, and each part of the stamp is worth half the value of the stamp and still valid for postage utilization
BLOCK: Un-separated stamps --- in their original, connected form --- which usually consist of four or more stamps and resembles the square or rectangular figure

Block Of 4 Stamps

BOOKLET: A miniature folder with a specified number of stamps
BOOKLET STAMP: A stamp from a booklet
BOURSE: A market place or an organized trade show where stamp dealers sell philatelic items and which is usually put in place in connection with a major philatelic exhibition
BULL'S EYE CANCELLATION: A postmark that has been applied centrally to the stamp affixed in a mail
Updated: October 12, 2010
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