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Philatelic Terms: J - O

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Common Terms And Abbreviations In Philately

The Terms Of The Trade

JOINT ISSUE: Stamps with similar designs issued by two or more countries on the same day
KILOWARE: A mixture of stamps on paper which is sold by the kilo by stamp dealers
MAXIMUM CARD: A post card affixed with a stamp which shows a similar or identical design and postmarked on the area where the stamp was affixed with a first-day-of-issue cancellation related to the topic shown on the post card and/or stamp
METER CANCELLATION: A cancellation applied to a mail through a machine and which shows the amount paid for postal services
MINIATURE SHEET (MS): A sheet which contains 6 or more stamps
MINT: A term used to refer to a stamp, souvenir sheet or miniature sheet in its original, never-used condition --- complete with gum at the back; (NOTE: Some postage stamps in mint condition do not have gum when they were first issued by the post office.)

Mint, Definitive Stamps In Pair

Mint Stamps
MULTIPLE CANCELLATIONS: A cover with three or more postmarks that were applied separately
NEVER HINGED (NH): A stamp which has never been attached to a hinge 
OVERPRINT (OVPT): A printed mark applied by the post office on the original stamp which makes the original stamp an overprint stamp
Updated: March 2, 2007
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