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Articles On Philately - VIII/2

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Some Notes On Some Topics On Philippine Stamps

Lunar New Year Cycle
  1. The Chinese new year is based on the Chinese lunar calendar cycle.
  2. The Chinese lunar calendar is based on a system with two major branches: the heavenly stem of 10 numbers and the earthly branch of 12 numbers.
  3. The earthly branch of 12 numbers is used to mark the new year. Thus, the lunar new year cycle is a 12-year cycle.
  4. Each number in the cycle is paired with a name of an animal. The pairs of numbers and animals are the following: 1 - rat / 2 - ox / 3 - tiger / 4 - rabbit / 5 - dragon / 6 -  snake / 7 - horse / 8 - goat / 9 - monkey / 10 - rooster / 11 - dog / 12 - pig.
  5. Year 2006 is the year of the dog. Year 2005 was the year of the rooster. Year 2007 will be the year of the pig.

Year 1994 - Year Of The Dog

Year 2006 - Year Of The Dog

Marine Life
  1. The Philippine coastline is one of the world's richest sources of marine products.
  2. Various commercial fishes are found within Philippine waters. These include, among others, the bangus (milkfish), bariles (tuna), banak (mullet), dalag (mudfish) and dilis (anchovy).
  3. Fish is an important part of the main diet of the Filipinos, and the bangus (milkfish) is a favorite seafood dish of the Filipino people.
  4. The Philippine seas contain valuable marine products such as pearls, shells and corals. The shell named Conus gloriamaris ("Glory of the Sea") is found in Philippine waters and it is a rare and expensive collector's item.

Bangus (Milkfish)

Shell - "Glory Of The Sea"

  1. Basketball is the most popular sports in the Philippines.
  2. In the past, Team Philippines in basketball was a "powerhouse" team in Asia. Today, it is struggling to regain the high status it once enjoyed.
  3. Another popular sports in the Philippines is boxing. In the arena of international boxing, Filipinos have a good record of accomplishments.


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