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Philippine Topicals I - Prominent Filipinos

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Topics Or Themes On Selected Philippine Republic Postage Issues

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Philippine Topical Stamps
Prominent Filipinos On Selected Philippine Stamps (1947-2005)
1947: Manuel L. Quezon; Set of 1 stamp
1949: General Gregorio del Pilar - Gen Gregorio del Pilar, 50th Death Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1953: Francisco Baltazar - National Language Week; Set of 1 stamp
1957: Juan Luna - Juan Luna Birth Centenary; Set of 1 stamp
1968: Felipe Calderon - Felipe Calderon Birth Centenary; Set of 1 stamp
1969: Claro M. Recto - Claro M. Recto Definitive; Set of 1 stamp
1979: Carlos P. Romulo - Carlos P. Romulo, 80th Birthday; Set of 2 stamps
1983: Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr. - Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr., Birth Centenary; Set of 2 stamps
1986: Benigno Aquino, Jr. - Benigno Aquino, Jr., 3rd Death Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet
1988: Aurora Aragon Quezon - Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon, Birth Centenary; Set of 2 stamps
1995: Jose W. Diokno - Senator Jose W. Diokno; Set of 1 stamp
1999: Juan F. Nakpil - Juan F. Nakpil, Birth Centenary; Set of 1 stamp
2005: Blas F. Ople - Senator Blas F. Ople; Set of 1 stamp 
Legend:   (B) - Block Format     /     (S) - Strip Format

Prominent Filipinos Stamps
Manuel L. Quezon - 1947
Block Of 4 Stamps

Senator Blas Ople - 2005

(First Day Cover - FDC)

Senator Jose W. Diokno - 1995
First Day Of Issue Cancellation - Main Part Of First Day Cover

Updated: October 12, 2010
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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines