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Reference Materials
(Partial List)
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General References: Encyclopedias, Catalogs And Dictionaries
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Handbooks / Philatelic Bulletins
ASEANPEX '96 - ASEAN Philatelic Exhibition Catalogue, 1996
ASEANPEX '96 - ASEAN Philatelic Exhibition: Palmares Award Lists, 1996
Palmares: SINGPEX '94 - 7th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition, 1994
PILIPINAS '98 - Philippine Centennial International Philatelic Exhibition:
   Palmares, 1998
Philatelic Bulletin Philippine Postal Corporation, 1993 (July18)
Philatelic Bulletin Philippine Postal Corporation, 1994 (November 2)
Philatelic Bulletins Of Year 2000, Year 2001, Year 2002, Year 2003,
   Year 2004, Year 2005 and Year 2006 (144 Bulletins) Philippine Postal
   Corporation, 2000-2006

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Alex Space At Multiply Site
Alternative Medicine In The Philippines
Arkive: Images Of Life On Earth
Bakbakan International Website/Andres Bonifacio
Centennial Site,  MSC Computer Training Center
FASA: Filipino American Student Association
Gibbins, Chris: Birds Of The World On Postage Stamps
International Bicycle Fund
Linns Website
Philippine Eagle Foundation, The
Poorna Prajna Philately Club Website
Ruaf Publications
Russian Stamps, Philately And Postal History
Salty's Stamps
Sampaguita Growers
Sunstar, Iloilo
Thai Airways International
Universal Postal Union
US Library Of Congress, Hispanic Division

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