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Philippine Topicals I - Children

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Philippine Topical Stamps
Children On Selected Philippine Stamps (1948-1999)
1948: Boy Scouts Of The Philippines, 25th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1952: Philippine Educational System; Set of 1 stamp
1956: Red Cross Service, 50th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1957: Centenary Of The Scout Movement And Girl Scout World Jamboree; Set of 1 stamp and 1 imperforate pair
1959: 10th Boy Scout World Jamboree; Set of 5 stamps, 1 tete beche and 1 souvenir sheet
1967: Christmas-Infant Jesus And Nativity Scene; Set of 2 stamps
1968: Christmas-Children Singing Carols; Set of 3 stamps
1969: Universal Children's Day, 15th Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps
1973: Philippine Scouting, 50th Anniversary; Set of 2 perforate stamps and 2 imperforate stamps
1978: Sipa Ballgame; Set of 4 se-tenant stamps (B)
1978: Eradication Of Smallpox; Set of 2 stamps
1978: Decade Of Philippine Children (Decade Of The Filipino Child); Set of 2 stamps
1978: Universal Declaration Of Human Rights; Set of 2 stamps
1979: International Year Of The Child; Set of 4 stamps
1979: Christmas-Grandmother Giving Handblessing To Children (And Christmas Lantern); Set of 2 stamps
1980: Philippine Girl Scouts, 40th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1980: Kabataang Barangay ("Youth Community"), 5th Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps
1982: Scouting Movement, 75th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1982: Children's Museum And Library Foundation; Set of 2 stamps
1985: International Youth Year; Set of 2 stamps
1987: Philippine Philatelic Club, 50th Anniversary; Set of 1 stamp
1989: Philatelic Week; Set of 2 stamps
1990: Census Of 1990; Set of 2 stamps
1990: Girl Scout Of The Philippines, 50th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1991: Children's Christmas Paintings; Set of 4 stamps
1992: Christmas-Mother And Child; Set of 4 stamps
1993: First ASEAN Scout Jamboree; Set of 2 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet
1999: Scouting; Set of 2 stamps
1999: Masonic Charities For Crippled Children; Set of 1 stamp
Legend:   (B) - Block Format     /     (S) - Strip Format

Children Stamps

**Decade Of The Filipino Child - 1978

**International Year Of The Child - 1979

Updated: October 12, 2010

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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines