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Photo Gallery VII - Sampaguita Stamps

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Philippine Flower: The Sampaguita
(Sampaguita On Selected Philippine Stamps And First Day Covers)


Sampaguita Stamp - 1948

     Its scientific name is Jasminum sambac and it is also known as the Arabian jasmine.

     It is a plant which belongs to the Oleaceae family and this family of plants contain approximately 300 species of tropical and subtropical plants and shrubs which produce fragrant flowers. It is found throughout the Philippines.


First Day Cover - 1948

     It is a shrub which can grow to a height of 5 feet. It produces small flowers all year round. The flowers are white in color. They are shaped like stars and they produce highly fragrant scent for which the plant is known. It is for this reason, too, why the sampaguita is cultivated. The flowers are strung into garlands or corsages which are used --- often during official functions or important occasions ---- to welcome guests.

Sampaguita Stamp - 1998

Sampaguita Stamps - 1999
(The white flowers are the sampaguita.)

     The sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and it symbolizes purity, simplicity and strength of character.

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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines