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Philippine Topicals II - Women's Clothes

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Philippine Topical Stamps
Traditional Clothes For Filipino Women On Selected Philippine Stamps (1952-2002)
1952, November 16: "Maria Clara" Clothes (PANAPEX, 1st Pan-Asian Philatelic Exhibition); Scott No.: 580-581 and C73, Set of 3 stamps (__ Issue / Perforation: _ / Denomination: 5c, 6c and 30c)
1972, December 21: "Saya" (Philippine National Red Cross, 25th Anniversary); Scott No.: 1178-1180, Set of 3 stamps (Commemorative Issue  /  Perforation: 13 1/4  x 12 1/2  / Denomination: 5s, 20s and 30s)
1974, January 15: Traditional Dresses For Filipino Women (Universal Postal Union Centenary); Scott No.: 1226-1228, Set of 3 stamps (Commemorative Issue / Perforation: _ /  Denomination: 15s, 60s and 80s)
1982, April 28: Traditional Dress (Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon Definitive); Scott No.: 1587, Set of 1 stamp (Definitive Issue / Perforation: 12 1/2  / Denomination: P1); Three types of the issue exist
2000, November 15: Clothing Of Christian Lowland And Indigenous Peoples Of The Philippines During The 19th Century; Set of 4 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet (__ Issue / Perforation: 14 / Denomination: P5 x 4 and P15)
2001, August 1: Filipino Women's Clothes During The 16th Century (Filipinos Of Yesteryears As Illustrated In The Boxer Codex); 1 se-tenant block of 4 stamps, 2 stamps of the perforate souvenir sheet and 2 stamps of the overprint souvenir sheet of the Boxer Codex issue (Boxer Codex set consists of 1 se-tenant block of 4 stamps and 1 perforate souvenir sheet plus 1 overprint souvenir sheet of PHILANIPPON '01.) (Special Issue / Perforation: 14 / Denomination: P5 x 4, P5 x 2 and P5 x 2)
2002, November 14: "Saya," Traditional Filipino Women's Wear (National Stamp Collecting Month And Great Achievers In Philippine Art); 1 imperforate souvenir sheet from a set of 4 stamps and 1 imperforate souvenir sheet (Special Issue / Perforation: imperf. / Denomination: P22) 

Traditional Women's Clothes  Stamps

** Traditional Filipino Women's Wear - 1974
Universal Postal Union Centenary

"Saya" - 2002
National Stamp Collecting Month And Great Achievers In Philippine Art

Updated: October 13, 2010
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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines