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Articles On Stamp Collecting: Topical/Thematic Collecting
Basic Information On The Philippines
     Is there a need to know the country which issued the topical stamps? At first, one is strongly tempted to think that there seems to be no need for it. In truth, one's attempt to know the country which issued the topical stamps can lead to a discovery of a lot of things that makes topical or thematic stamp collecting more interesting and satisfying. Here, then, are a number of facts on the Philippines.
  • OFFICIAL NAME: REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS (Republic of the Philippines)
  • LOCATION: It is an archipelagic nation of more than 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia.
  • GOVERNMENT: Republic; Democratic form of government
  • EDUCATION: Three levels of education - elementary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • CURRENCY: Philippine peso (Legend: P - peso / Php - Philippine pesos - sentimoc - centavo / 100s or 100c = P1.00 or Php 1.00)

Visit ASEAN Lands - 1972
Rizal Park, Manila

Land And Climate
  • CAPITAL: Manila
  • MAJOR CITIES: Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Makati, Manila, Quezon City, Pasay City, Tagaytay City, Zamboanga
  • MAJOR ISLANDS: Luzon - largest island; Mindanao - second largest island

Tourist Publicity Series II - 1971
Pasay City, Metro Manila

  • MOUNTAIN SYSTEMS: Cordillera mountain range, Zambales range, Tagaytay range and Sierra Madre mountain range in Luzon; Mindoro mountain range in Mindoro; Surigao range and central-western range (including Mt. Apo) in Mindanao
  • COASTLINE: Irregular coastline of 10,850 square miles
  • RIVER SYSTEMS: Rio Grande de Cagayan, Abra river system and Agno Grande in Luzon; Rio Grande de Mindanao (largest river) and Agusan river in Mindanao
  • VOLCANOES: Taal Volcano, Mount Mayon, Mount Pinatubo, Mount Banahaw, Mount Hibok-Hibok, Mount Apo
  • AGRICULTURAL CROPS: Rice, coconut, copra, banana, lanzones, pineapples, mangoes, abaca, sugar, resins, gum
  • CLIMATE: Tropical
  • SEASONS: Dry season (December - May)  and wet season (June - November)
  •  NATURAL CALAMATIES: Typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions 
Languages And Dialects
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Filipino and English
  • NUMBER OF LANGUAGES AND DIALECTS: (Approximation) More than one hundred languages and dialects are spoken in various parts of the Philippines.

National Anthem Centennial - 1999
"Lupang Hinirang"

National Anthem And Symbols
  • NATIONAL ANTHEM: "Lupang Hinirang"
  • NATIONAL HEROES AND HEROINES: Melchora Aquino, Andres Bonifacio, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Emilio Jacinto, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Lapu-Lapu, Jose Rizal and still others
  • NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Barong Tagalog - national dress for men; Saya - national dress for women; Narra - national tree; Sampaguita - national flower; Mango - national fruit; Bangus (Milkfish) - national fish; Philippine eagle - national bird

National Stamp Collecting Month - 2002
Saya - National Dress For Women

National Public Holidays
  • January 1 : Bagong Taon (New Year's Day)
  • May 1 : Araw ng Manggagawa (Labor Day)
  • June 12 : Araw ng Kalayaan (Independence Day)
  • Last Sunday, August : Araw ng mga Bayani (National Heroes Day)
  • November 1 : Araw ng mga Patay (All Saints Day)
  • November 2 : Araw ng mga Kaluluwa (All Souls Day)
  • November 30: Araw ni Bonifacio (Bonifacio Day)
  • December 25 : Pasko (Christmas)
  • December 30 : Araw ni Rizal (Rizal Day)
Updated: October 12, 2010
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