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Stamp Catalog 1949

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Philippine Postage Issues - Year 1949
(Text Description Only)
January 23 - July 4, 1949: Official Stamps III And IV - Set of 2 Stamps (20c and 50c of Definitive Type of 1947 with "O.B." Overprint / Date of Issue: 20c - July 4; 50c - January 23)
April 1, 1949: Library Rebuilding Fund Semi-Postal (Fund For The Restoration Of Libraries Damaged During World War II) - Set of 3 Stamps (Semi-Postal Issue / Perforation: 12  / Denomination and Image: 4c + 2c <_____>,  6c + 4c <St. Tomas and Doctrina Christiana>,  and 18c + 7c <Noli Me Tangere Title on Cover>)                 
October 9, 1949: Universal Postal Union (UPU), 75th Anniversary - Set of 3 Stamps and 1 Imperforate Souvenir Sheet of 3 Stamps (Commemorative Issue / Perforation: 12 or Imperf. / Denomination and Image: <Perf.> - 4c, 6c and 18c;  and <Imperf.> - 28c (4c, 6c, and 18c) ----- <UPU Monument, Bern, Switzerland>)
December 2, 1949: General Gregorio del Pilar, 50th Death Anniversary - Set of 2 Stamps (Commemorative Issue / Perforation: 12  / Denomination and Image: 2c and 4c ----- <Gen. Gregorio del Pilar on Horse at Tirad Pass>)
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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines