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Philippine Birds Stamps

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Philippine Birds Stamps: 1950-2004

1950, October 23: Dove - Set of 3 stamps issued to publicize the Baguio conference of 1950 (Denomination and Image: 5c, 6c and 18c ----- <Dove>)

1967, August 19: Philippine Birds - Set of 4 anti-TB semi-postal stamps (Denomination and Image:  1s + 5s <stork-billed kingfisher>, 5s + 5s <Rufous hornbill>, 10s + 5s <monkey-eating eagle> and 30s +5s <great-billed parrot>)

1969, August 15: Philippine Birds - Set of 4 anti-TB semi-postal stamps (Denomination and Image: 1s + 5s <three-toed woodpecker>, 5s + 5s <Philippine trogon>, 10s + 5s <Mt. Apo lorikeet> and 40s + 5s <scarlet minivet>)

1979, April 16: Philippine Birds - Set of 6 stamps (Denomination and Image: 30s <Merrill's fruit dove>,  P1.20 <brown tit babbler>,  P2.20 <Mindoro imperial pigeon>,   P2.30 <Steere's pitta>,  P5.00 <Koch's pitta and red-breasted pitta>  and P5.00 <Philippine eared nightjar>)

1982, June 5: Philippine Eagle - 1 stamp from a set of 2 stamps commemorating the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Environment Programme (Denomination and Image: P3.20 and Philippine eagle)

1991, July 31: Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) - Set of 4 stamps (Denomination and Image: P1.00 <Philippine eagle head profile>,  P4.75 <Philippine eagle perched on a branch of a tree>,  P5.50 <Philippine eagle in flight>  and P8.00 <Philippine eagle feeding eaglet in nest>)

1994, November 8: Philippine Birds - Set of 4 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet (Denomination and Image: P2.00 <blue-naped parrot>,  P2.00 <bleeding heart pigeon>,  P2.00 <Palawan peacock pheasant>,  P2.00 <Kochi's pitta>  and P12.00 <Philippine eagle>)

1995, August 11: Philippine Eagle, The New Philippine National Bird - Set of 1 souvenir sheet (Denomination and Image: P16.00 and Philippine eagle)

2001, February 1: Philippine Eagle - 1 stamp and 1 souvenir sheet from a set of se-tenant strip of 5 stamps and 5 souvenir sheets issued to publicize the Hongkong 2001 Stamp Exhibition (Denomination and Image for Stamps <v> and Souvenir Sheets <s/s>:  P5.00 <v> and P11.00 <s/s> ----- <Philippine eagle>)

2004, December 22: Endangered Philippine Owls and World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) - Set of  se-tenant block of 4 stamps or set of 4 miniature sheets of 8 stamps each (Denomination and Image: P6.00 <Negros scops owl>,  P6.00 <West Visayan hawk-owl>,  P6.00 <giant scops owl>  and P6.00 <Philippine eagle owl> / Miniature Sheets of 8 Stamps <Each miniature sheet contains one design of the owls featured on the se-tenant stamps.>)


Legend : P - Philippine peso (pesos) / c - centavo (centavos) / s - sentimo (sentimos) / x - multiply by (times)

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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines