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Photo Gallery I - Orchids On Stamps

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(Orchids On Selected Philippine Postage Issues)
     Orchids are plants that belong to the family of orchidaceae, which is a very large family of specialized plants that thrive in the wild. Today, orchids are cultivated and they are perennial favorites among plant growers. Orchids have scalelike leaves and tuberous roots.  They have very beatutiful flowers which make them as good ornamental plants inside the home as well as in the garden. 
Postage Issue of 1962
     On March 9, 1962, the Philippine Postal Office released a set of stamps which featured the orchids. The set was the first issue on orchids, and it consisted of 4 perforated stamps in se-tenant block format  and 4 imperforate stamps in block format. Four types of orchids were featured in the stamps and each stamp had its own denomination. These were: 1) Vanda sanderiana (waling-waling) - 5c,  2) Halaenopsis aphrodite (white mariposa) - 6c,  3) Dendrobium sanderae (Sander's dendrobe) - 10c,  and 4) Dendrobium anosmum (sanggumay) - 20c.

Set Of 2 First Day Covers -1962


Postage Issue of 1996
     On September 20, 1996, a set of orchid stamps and souvenir sheet was released.  Prior to the issuance of this set, a number of orchid issues were released in 1986 and in 1993.
     The 1996 postage issue featured a wide variety of orchids. These were: 1) Phalaenopsis equestria-alba,  2) Aerides lawrenceae,  3)  Vanda javierii,  4) Dendrobium anosmus,  5) Vanda lamellata var. boxalil,  6) Renanthera philippinensis,  7) Dendrobium taurinum,  8) Dendrobium schuetzei,  9) Coelogyne pandurata,  10) Vanda merrilii var rotori,  11) Cymbidium aliciae, and 12) Dendrobium topaziacum.  The denomination was 4 pesos for each stamp for the first 8 stamps while the denomination of 5 pesos was applied to the last 4 stamps.

Set Of 3 First Day Covers - 1996



Postage Issue of 2002
     On December 19, 2002, a set of orchid stamps and souvenir sheet was released. Prior to the issuance of this set, a set of cattleya stamps and souvenir sheet  and a set of orchid stamps and souvenir sheet were released in 1996 and 1999, respectively. The postage issue of year 2002 consisted of 4 stamps and 1 souvenir sheet. The featured items were Philippine orchids, and these were: 1) Nervilia plicata,  2) Dendrobium victoria-reginae,  3) Gedorum densiflorum,  4) Luisia teretifolia,  and 5) Grammatophylum scriptum. The denomination of 5 pesos was applied to each of the 4 stamps while the souvenir sheet had a value of 22 pesos. 

One Of The Two First Day Covers - 2002
FDC With Souvenir Sheet

Postage Issues of 2003-2004
     In 2003 and 2004, a good number of orchid issues were released. Some of the issues are shown below.  These were definitive stamps on native orchids wtih different denominations. The featured orchids were: 1) Epigeneium lyonii,  2) Thrixspermum subalatum,  3) Liparis latifolia,  4) Cymbidium finlaysoniamum,  5) Spathoglottis plicata,  6) Phalaenopsis schilleriana,  7)Phalaenopsis philippinensis,  8) Phalaenopsis fasciata,  9) Phalaenopsis pulchra, and 10) Phaius tankervilleae.

Pair Set, Definitive Issue Of Orchid Stamps - 2003

Definitive Issue Of Orchid Stamps - 2004

Definitive Issue Of Orchid Stamps - 2004

Updated: December 7, 2009
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