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Information On The Website's Author and Organizer
     This website is an online site for Philippine postage issues and topical/thematic collecting in stamp collecting. It has two main objectives: 1) It aims to provide new issues service for Philippine stamps and first day covers to stamp collectors; and 2) It serves to promote Philippine postage issues and topical/thematic collecting.
     The title of the site is "Philippine Stamps And Topical Collecting." It has ten main sections, namely: 1) Home, 2) New Issues Service, 3) Contact, 4) Catalog, 5) Philippine Topicals, 6)Topical Lists, 7) Articles, 8) Philatelic Terms, 9) Winning Exhibits, and 10) Photo Gallery. Naturally, some of the main sections have sub-sections, and as I continue to work on my website, more sections and sub-sections will be added. It is my intention to improve and upgrade the website for the next six months.
     *The site first appeared online during the last quarter of year 2004. *I have forgotten the exact date when it appeared online but  I remember quite clearly that I asked a computer expert to open a site for me and he did. The site had four sections with few items and information. It remained the same for more than 3 months. I was completely ignorant on how to use a computer. **Then, during the first week (or last week) of February, 2005, I asked my nephew to teach me how to open a computer. When I did learn to "turn on" the computer, I explored the internet. Consequently, I realized that I can make a website. I started working on my site in late March or early April. Since then, six sections were added and four of these sections have sub-sections.
     I have continued working on my website inspite of the fact that I have very little knowledge on the use of computer. I have been extremely careful and cautious. I did the layout and design as well as the research work and presentation of the text and visual contents. Except for the clipart pictures, the built-in features of and the materials which were identified as belonging to another person or organization,  all the philatelic items, pictures, articles, text contents as well as all other features of the site are my properties. All rights reserved.
June  16, 2005 /  (Edited Lines: *July 8 / **September 15)
Note:  The website has 12 main sections.


Updated: November 29 and December 8, 2009
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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines