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A Self-Study Guide to General Psychology: Growth

A Self-Study Guide to General Psychology
(General Psychology / Introduction To Psychology) 

III.  Human Growth and Development

A. Define the terms: Development and Maturation.
B. Know the Principles of Development.
C. Know the Roles of Nature and Nurture in
    human growth and development.
D. Describe the Fertilization Process and know the
    Mechanics involved in Hereditary Transmission.
     1. Genes
     2. Chromosomes
     3. Period of the Zygote
     4. Period of the Embryo
     5. Period of the Fetus
E. Know the Time Frame and identify the Developmental Tasks
    associated with the Stages of Human Development.
     1. Prenatal Period
     2. Infancy (Including the Neonatal Period)
     3. Early Childhood
     4. Late Childhood (Middle Childhood)
     5. Adolescence
     6. Early Adulthood
     7. Middle Age
     8. Old Age (Later Maturity)
F. Discuss the different Stage Theories of Human Development.
     1. Sigmund Freud's Stages of Psycho-sexual Development
     2. Erik Erikson's Stages of Psycho-social Development
     3. Jean Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

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