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Philippine Topicals I - Other Topics/2

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Topics Or Themes On Selected Philippine Republic Postage Issues
Philippine Topical Stamps
Other Topics On Selected Philippine Stamps (1946-2003): A Continuation (II)
1970: Tourist Publicity Series I; Set of 4 stamps
1970: Visit of Pope Paul VI; Set of 3 stamps
1971: Tourist Publicity Series II; Set of 4 stamps
1971: Tourist Publicity Series III; Set of 4 stamps
1971: Tourist Publicity Series IV; Set of 4 stamps
1972: Evolution Of Philippine Flag; Set of 10 se-tenant stamps (B)
1972: Fruit Trees, Semi-Postal; Set of 4 stamps
1972: Archeological Jars/Vessels; Set of 4 stamps
1973: 50th Anniversary Of The International Police Organization (INTERPOL); Set of 2 stamps
1974: Central Bank Of The Philippines, 25th Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps
1974: Centenary Of Universal Postal Union (UPU)-Traditional Clothes For Filipino Women; Set of 3 stamps
1975: Philippine Military Academy (PMA), 70th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1975: First Trans-Pacific Airmail Flight Of Pan-Am's China Clipper, 40th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1976: World Health Day; Set of 1 stamp
1977: Asian-Oceanic Postal Union, 15th Anniversary; Set of 2 stamps
1977: Office Of The Solicitor General, 75th Anniversary; Set of 1 stamp
1978: Andres Bonifacio Monument; Set of 1 stamp
1978: President Manuel Quezon Birth Centenary; Set of 2 stamps
1979: Philippine Navy Foundation Day; Set of 2 stamps
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Other Topical Stamps

**Archeological Jars/Vessels - 1972

**Interpol (Police) - 1973

** Traditional Filipino Women's Wear - 1974

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Alex Angara Moises. Advance Thematic Collector. Philippines