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Philatelic Terms: T - Z

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Common Terms And Abbreviations In Philately

The Terms Of The Trade

THEMATIC COLLECTING: A specialized field in stamp collecting that deals with the collection of philatelic items which depict the chosen theme of the collector and the presentation a well-researched thesis or story on the theme of the collection
TONGS: A metal instrument used for holding the stamps
TOPICAL COLLECTING: A specialized field in stamp collecting that deals with the collection and study of philatelic items which show the chosen topic of the collector  
UNGUMMED: A stamp which was issued without the adhesive material at its back side
UPU: "Universal Postal Union;" an international organization which was established in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland; an organization with a mission to foster the sustainable development of a standardized and quality postal service throughout the world
USED COVER: Ordinary envelopes, including registered covers, small packets, express mail and the like,  first day covers and special covers that were actually used in the mail
USED STAMPS: Stamps which have been used in the mail
USED STAMPS ON PAPER: Used stamps still attached to those portions of the envelopes or wrappers where they were affixed originally
WANT-LIST: A list of philatelic items which a collector wants to acquire
ZIP (CODE): "Zoning Improvement Plan;" the code used in the United States to facilitate the mechanized handling and delivery of mail matters (See POST CODE)
Updated: March 2, 2007
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