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Philatelic Terms: C - I

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Common Terms And Abbreviations In Philately

The Terms Of The Trade

CACHET: The artistic design printed on the left side of the front portion of a first day cover
CATALOGUE VALUE (CV): An estimate value of the stamp in the market as listed in a catalogue
CHRISTMAS SEALS: Labels issued for charity
CLASSIC STAMPS: Stamps issued during the 19th century
COIL STAMP: A stamp sold through a vending machine
COMMEMORATIVE STAMP (COMM): A stamp issued to honor a person, a group of individuals or an organization  or to mark an important event or series of events

Commemorative Stamps

CONDITION: The physical state of the philatelic item as rated by an expert

CREASE: A fold in the stamp which distorts the physical state of the stamp, thereby reducing its value as a collectible item

CTO: "Cancelled-To-Order;" the excess or unsold mint stamps which were postmarked by the post office and, then, sold as used stamps 

DEFINITIVE STAMP: A stamp intended for regular postage use

Definitive Stamps In Pair

DENOMINATION: The monetary value of the stamps

ERROR: A mistake in the design of the stamp

ESSAY: The draft design of the stamp which is subject for review by a post office committee

FACE VALUE (FV): The monetary value of the stamp as expressed in the currency of the country

FAKE (STAMP): A stamp whose original design has been altered in order to increase its market value

FAULT: A physical distortion of the stamp such as the following: short perforation, clipped perforation, a hole on the stamp, an ink mark on the stamp, a tear or a crease

FIAP: "Federation of Inter-Asian Philately;" a governing regional organization of the Federation International de Philatelie (FIP) which coordinates the activities of national philatelic federations in Asia and promotes international philatelic exhibitions

FIP: "Federation International de Philatelie;" a governing world philatelic organization with strong ties with and support from post offices of the world, and which coordinates the activities of various national philatelic federations and promotes international philatelic exhibitions

FIRST DAY COVER (FDC): A special envelope with a cachet designed for postage use and which bears a stamp or souvenir sheet that is postmarked with the first-day-of-issue cancellation

GUM: The adhesive material at the back of the stamp which becomes sticky when applied with water
GUTTER: The divisional area that separates the stamps in the sheet, or the margin that connects the stamps in the sheet
GUTTER PAIR: Two stamps connected by a gutter
HAND STAMPED: A cancellation applied by hand
HINGES: Philatelic accessories which are very small, rectangular pieces of glassine papers used to mount stamps
HINGED MARK: The tiny observable mark resembling a square which is found at the back of the stamp where the hinge was attached originally
IMPERFORATE (IMPERF): The absence of punched holes on the stamps which leave the stamps with straight borders on all sides (See PERFORATION)
ISSUE: That which refers to a stamp or a set of stamps released by the post office for public use in the mail delivery system
Updated: September 7, 2006
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