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Philatelic Terms: P - S

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Common Terms And Abbreviations In Philately

The Terms Of The Trade

PACKET: A small package which contains an assortment of stamps
PAIR: Two identical stamps in their original connected form

Pair Stamps

PERFIN: A stamp with craftily designed punched holes on it
PERFORATION (PERF): The punched holes --- the size of a pinhead --- on the stamps in the sheet which make it easy to separate the stamps (See IMPERFORATE)

Perforate And Imperforate Souvenir Sheets

PHILATELIC CLUB: An association of stamp collectors
PHILATELY: The collection and study of stamps and other postal items
PHILATELIST: A specialist in the field of stamp collecting; a term which is often associated  with a stamp collector
POSTAGE STAMPS: Small sheets of paper with imprinted designs issued by the post office for use in the mail service and which serve as pre-payment for the services that will be rendered by the post office
POSTAL CARD: A post card with a special imprint design and pre-paid postage fee and which is designed to carry a written, "open" message
POST CODE: The code which consists of numbers and letters  or numbers only and which is used to facilitate the mechanized handling and delivery of mail matters; Also known as Postal Code (See ZIP CODE)
POSTMASTER: An official of the post office who is in charge of supervising the mail service in a particular locality
POST OFFICE: A branch of the government that regulates and handles the transmission of mail matters
REDRAWN: A stamp whose design is a slight modification of the original design of a stamp which was issued in the past but still retains the basic design of the original one 
REGISTERED MAIL: First class mail which is recorded at the post office and at points of transmission to guarantee delivery of the mail 
REISSUE: An official reprinting of a previously issued stamp
SELVAGE: The outer portion of the sheet of the stamps which serves as a border

Selvage: Top Portion And Side Areas

SEMI-POSTAL STAMP: A stamp whose portion of its monetary value goes to charity while the rest serves as payment for the mail service
SE-TENANT: Connected stamps with different designs
SE-TENANT BLOCK: At least 4 connected stamps in block format

Se-tenant Block Of 4 Mint Stamps

SE-TENANT PAIR: Two connected stamps
SE-TENANT STRIP: More than 2 connected stamps in strip format
SLOGAN CANCELLATION: A special postmark with a slogan issued to honor a person, a group of individuals or an organization,  to commemorate an event or series of events  or to disseminate important information to the public

Slogan Cancellation

SOCK IN THE NOSE: Another term for bull's eye cancellation
SOUVENIR SHEET (SS): A large sheet of stamp
SPECIAL CANCELLATION: A special postmark or cancellation issued to honor a person, a group of individuals or an organization,  to commemorate an event or series of events  or to disseminate important information to the public
SPECIAL COVER: A special envelope with a cachet and which is affixed with a stamp that is postmarked with a special cancellation
SPECIAL ISSUE: A stamp or a set of stamps issued to publicize an important object, person or event and which is intended to be used in the mail service for a limited period of time 
SPECIMEN: The first copies or sets (between 250 - 1000 sets) of the issued stamps and/or souvenir sheet with a special marking or a word to indicate that they are specimen;  philatelic items which are regularly submitted to the Universal Postal Union for identification and recording purposes and distributed to the press for promotional purposes 
STAMPALBUM: A philatelic accessory which serves as a "place-holder" for stamps 
STAMPLESS COVER: A philatelic cover without the stamp on it and which was transmitted before the stamp was invented and became widely used in the mail service  
STAMP MOUNTS: Philatelic accessories used as protective covering for stamps

Updated: October 12, 2010

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